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Saudi Arabia Eid Celebration Saudi Arabia Eid Celebration

Eid ul-Fitr is a festival that is celebrated with immense splendor in Saudi Arabia. Saudis will beautify their houses and prepare lavish meals for friends and family. The entire country gets occupied in untainted celebrations during Eid. The countless Saudi Arabia events & festivals include the Eid ul-Adha and Eid ul-Fitr festivals.
Eid celebrations in Saudi Arabia may fluctuate culturally depending upon the province, but one universal thread in every celebration is that the hospitable traditions and generosity of the Saudi citizens become quite noticeable during Eid. First, it is general Saudi custom for families to collect at the patriarchal home following the Eid prayers. Prior to the special Eid food is served, little children will stand in front of every adult member of family who distribute Riyals (Saudi currency) to the kids. Members of Family will also usually have an occasion where they will give out gift packs to the children. These packs are often marvelously decorated and are full of toys and candies.
Even numerous shopkeepers will display their generosity at Eid giving free Eid presents with every purchase. For instance, during Eid, numerous of the chocolate outlets will give every customer who buys a range of candies a complimentary crystal candy plate with all purchase.
In the mood of Eid, several Saudis go to great length to show their generosity and kindness. It is ordinary for even absolute strangers to address one another indiscriminately, even by occupants of motor vehicle waiting at signals. Sometimes even gifts and toys are given to children by absolute strangers.
It is also conventional in some regions for Saudi gentleman to go and purchase huge quantities of rice and other stuffs and then anonymously leave them at the gate of the less-fortunate. moreover, in some region in the central of Saudi Arabia, for example, Al Qassim, it's a frequent tradition that at the Eid's morning and subsequent to the Eid prayer natives will put huge rugs on one of lanes of their locality and every household will organize a large serving of food where all neighbors will share foods, it's also a general practice that citizens will exchange places to endeavor more than one type of meal.

Eid Ul Fitr Islamic Tradition

Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of holy month of fasting, the Ramadhan. Eid-ul-Fitr is a celebration concluding the Islamic blessed month of Ramadan, in which Muslims are required to fast in all days of Ramadhan from dawn to dusk, refraining from beverages, foods, assisting the underprivileged and engaging in some kind of community services. The advantages of this form of fasting helps in strengthening and increasing moral character, appreciating the everyday blessings of food and beverages, and sympathizing with the person who are less fortunate or underprivileged. This joyful and blissful day is celebrated to give thanks to Almighty for his blessings in the holy month of Ramadhan. Muslim grace with presence at the congregational prayer service that held in the morning.
As per Islamic tradition Muslims of all age group wear new clothes, cook some delicious and tasty food, and invite relative, friends and neighbors to celebrate the auspicious day with them. Fasting in Ramadhan encourages sympathy for needy and hungry and motivates Muslims to donate very generously to all underprivileged.  Fasting has to do with aspects of fast which expresses many basic values of Muslim community such as charity, empathy for poor and needy persons, steadfastness, worship, patience etc. There are lots of things which revolve around this festivity. Fasting is believed by some scholars to praise fundamental distinctions and lauding the power of religious realm, while admitting the subordination of physical realm.  It also instructs Muslims to stay away from the worldly life and desires and to only focus on the Almighty God and thank for blessings received. This is a rejuvenation of this religion and creates an even stronger bond between individual person and the Almighty God. After the end of this holy month of Ramadhan, is a vast and big merriment of Eid-ul-Fitr.
Socialization is one such thing that is required in every society, and for the promotion of mutual understanding and harmony. It is necessary for healthy and sound social life as it motivates people to live their life in cohesive bond. In addition, religious gathering in festivals is the most effective way of doing so. Religious gathering is different from simple gathering as religious gathering is called as gathering plus. Eid-ul-Fitr gives color of sanctity and harmony among the people and conveys message in its own sense
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